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When Derek Dolor, out of shape 30 something IT Manager discovers that his out-of-his-league girlfriend has been cheating on him with his boss, Derek tries to kill himself by jumping off the roof of his office...only to land unharmed. But in a crap ton of pain. Suddenly famous, Derek must learn to embrace his role as a superhero in order to save the ones he loves.

BUDGET: $750

Episode 2

Last night got weird. Derek and Leon look different. They got beat up by kids. They're hungover. And worst of all: Mom's here.

BUDGET: $500

Episode 3

You thought he was dead. Just a flesh wound. But his henchman? Yeah. That dude's toast. Time for some interviews!

BUDGET: $500

Episode 4

Daggar has a lair. And Blake. Derek's out of the crime fighting biz. Penny picks sides. Sloppy sloppy joes! 

BUDGET: $700

Episode 5

If you're going to do a training montage. Steal from the best.

BUDGET: $500

Episode 6: The Finale

The final chapter in the SuperZero saga, thought forever lost. Multiple reels from the lost film were discovered at a yard sale in 2017 and pieced together. Unfortunately a few reels remain missing. This, however, is what remains of the conclusion to Brandon Hall's final opus.

BUDGET: $1500

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